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the digital magazine for 21st century executives.


Here at Alister & Paine Magazine we focus on two kinds of content: business advice and the elite lifestyle. We are a boutique publication that targets high-net-worth business executives and we believe in quality over quantity. We have a reputation of only working with the best in the business and, because we hold ourselves to such a high standard, we have several clients that have renewed their contracts with us year-after-year. We strive for perfection and know you, as a reader and a client, wouldn’t want it any other way.


Written by executives for executives.


Our business column is a blend of interviews with some of the world’s most innovative CEO’s and business advice written by industry leading experts. The executives who write for us are battle-tested leaders who many people would pay to hear speak at leadership, marketing, or financial success conferences. We provide this valuable high-quality content for free to our readers.

Our Contributors:

Grant Cardone, Serial entrepreneur
Jason Kintzler, CEO of Pitchengine
Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO of Blue Fountain Media
Jeffrey Miron, Harvard Economist
Vickie Milazzo, Entrepreneur & Power Woman
Brad Shorr, Director of Content & Social Media for Straight North
Jeff Corbin, CEO of KCSA Strategic Communications
Michael Brito, SVP of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital
Rowan Jacobsen, James Beard Award Winning Author
Mark Oldman, International Wine Expert
N.M. Kelby, Renowned Food & Travel Writer
Connie Certusi, EVP Sage Small Business Accounting
Michael Houlihan, founder of Barefoot Wine
Barry Libert, founder of Open Matters

We’ve interviewed:

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers
Tony Hsieh, CEO of
John Caplan, CEO of OpenSky
Doug Ulman, CEO of Livestrong
Sandra Smith, FOX Business
Henry Juskiwicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars
Burt & Jake Jacobs, Founders of Life is Good
Rick Alden, CEO of SkullCandy
Blake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS Shoes
Stuart Varney, FOX Business
Matt Miller, Bloomberg TV
Jeffrey Lubell, CEO of True Religion Jeans
Kate White, Editor of Cosmopolitan
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson & Alexis Maybank, founders of Gilt Groupe

What We Do

Tried & True Policy

Alister & Paine has a policy of vetting every single product or service before it can be featured in the pages of our magazine. We know it’s old school and it isn’t nearly as easy as just regurgitating a press release but we believe in that old-school notion of integrity. Yes, that goes for Sponsored Editorials, too. If a product or service doesn’t live up to our readers expectations we will refund the sponsors money. We’ve done it before and we feel really good about our commitment to providing our readers the best there is. Bottom line: if we haven’t tried it, and loved it, you won’t find it in our magazine.

Award Quality Prose

Our business contributors are almost all masters of the written word but, just in case, our Editor at Large reviews each submission line by line before it hits the digital newsstands. Likewise, our in-house staff of lifestyle journalists are experts of artful articulation and colorful communication. It doesn’t hurt that we link back to your website up to three times per article to increase your SEO and make sure you’re just a click away for our readers. The fusion of passionate creative writers and SEO marketers results in nothing short of award quality editorials that our clients are proud to showcase in their office and their online portfolio.

Custom Photography

Whenever possible we will send one of our photographers on location so we can add beautiful images to the articles and our Facebook ‘Tried & True’ Photo Gallery. Our photographers will go just about anywhere to get the images for the story. We’ve sent them to Napa; they’ve skied the Grand Teton; they’ve climbed six-hundred-foot cliffs in Colorado; they’ve gotten in the passenger seat of Porsche GT2 Cup Cars traveling at insanely fast speeds and, of course; they attend our in-person CEO interviews. Each image carefully passes through the hands of our photo editor before being posted online and we always tag your company in the description so our readers can find you with just one click.

Top Google News Results

We work with every client to determine what keyword phrases we should be targeting to make sure your article receives top search results on Google News. After our journalist is done writing the article it gets sent off to our SEO specialist who carefully optimizes the article while maintaining award-quality prose. Below are just some of the examples of Google News search results we’ve achieved for clients.

Who We Reach

Crafting a beautifully written article is just the beginning.

Sponsored Editorials receive the ultimate in social media attention. We work to identify and engage key influencers within your community to read, tweet, and share our articles and, ultimately, find out more about you and what you do best. We’ve had a Social Reach of over 10 million people over the past year (2012) thanks to this strategic approach.

1.6+ Million

The CEO Interview with Michael Dell had a social reach of over 1.6+ Million people.

1.4+ Million

Our interview with the co-founders of Life is Good had a social reach of over 1.4+ Million people.

2.9+ Million

The CEO interview with Blake MyCoskie had a social reach of almost 3 Million people.


Our review of the Mercedes-Benz AMG PRO Driving Academy had a social reach of over 350,000 people.

2.5+ Million

The CEO Interview with Tony Hsieh of had a social reach of over 2.5+ Million people.


The review of Miami's boutique luxury Hotel Beaux Arts had a social reach of over 200,000.


Our review of Omaha Steaks Private Reserve had a social reach of over 160,000 people.

2.1+ Million

Our interview with Henry Juskiwicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, had a social reach of over 2.1 Million people.

“Alister & Paine is a refreshing source of original, provocative business information – a rare find today when recycled, mainstream content challenges the reader to find something useful.”

Ross Saldarini, CEO of MountainKhakis

“What a fantastic article!!!!!!! Our team greatly appreciates everything. You guys nailed it perfectly!!!!!”

Marcelo Bommarito, Co-owner of Signature Car Collection

“In the short time we’ve worked with Brian, he has over-delivered, assuring his ideas were not only executed, but well executed.”

Jason Kintzler, CEO of Pitchengine

“Thank you for posting the excellent piece on Paul Hobbs! It looks outstanding!!”

Tara Sharp, Marketing & PR Manager of Paul Hobbs Wines

Rate Card

Sponsored Editorial


  • 500-750 words of beautifully written Search Engine Optimized prose. Each editorial comes with an End of Campaign Report detailing the social reach of the article.

Custom Photography


  • We’ll send our photographer out to your location to capture stunning images of your company, event, or products. Limited license included for social media use.

Social Media Marketing


  • More than just a post on Facebook and blasting out a Tweet. Advanced Influencer Outreach encourages industry influencers to share your article.

Email Marketing Campaign


  • Your article takes over the premiere spot in our monthly newsletter to thousands of subscribers along with complimentary sidebar and footer advertising.

The fine print…

Alister & Paine Magazine reserves the right to decline the opportunity to work with companies that do not meet the scope of the publication, or for any reason whatsoever. All transactions are subject to the Alister & Paine Magazine User Agreement. Payment terms are as follows: 50% deposit required at signing. Balance due five (5) business days prior to publication date. Unless otherwise determined the purchaser is responsible for all travel expenses required for the Alister & Paine team to review products and/or services. This includes, but is not limited to: airfare, car rentals, fuel, tolls, hotels, and food.


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